The City of Vienna has been awarding annual sponsorship prizes to exceptional and outstanding talents in the fields of architecture, fine arts, literature, music, popular education and science since 1951. Both individuals and teams can be honored with this award, each endowed with €4,000.

This year, the committee grants the award in the category STEM to Laura Kovacs for her outstanding and continued contribution to informatics.

Previous award winners include Robert Menasse (Förderungspreis for Literature 1989), Konrad Paul Liessmann (Förderungspreis for Humanities 1991) and Olga Neuwirth (Förderungspreis for Music 1992).

“For 70 years now, the City of Vienna’s Förderungspreise have acted as an important sign of recognition and motivation for the award-winning scientists and artists,” says Vienna’s City Councillor for Culture and Science Veronica Kaup-Hasler.

“Every year, the funding prizes are awarded to particularly talented artists and scientists for their outstanding overall activities to date. Independent expert juries decide on the awarding of the prizes,” emphasizes Anita Zemlyak, Head of the Department of Culture.