“SPyCoDe” special research programme

Security and privacy are human rights which should hold in the digital society, too. The “security and privacy by design” principle, advocated in the new European GDPR, dictates that data protection should already be embedded in the early design phase of IT infrastructures. Unfortunately, state-of-the-art technologies are inadequate to realise this principle, as witnessed by the number of attacks and breaches. Without security and privacy, large-scale digitalisation is simply not possible. For all these reasons, security and privacy is a research field with extraordinary technological, societal, and economic impact.

The “SPyCoDe” special research programme aims at creating the technological foundations to realise the “security and privacy by design” principle, offering companies methods and tools to build large-scale, complex systems that are secure and privacy-preserving by construction, based on the safe composition of their components. This research crosscuts computer science, combining breakthroughs in logics, system security, and cryptography.

Source: FWF