Ezio Bartocci (General Chair) and Laura Kovacs (PC Chair of CONCUR 2020) are among the main organizers of QONFEST 2020, with the invaluable help of our ProbInG team members: Marcel Moosbrugger and Miroslav Stankovic.

“For the first time, between August 31 and September 5, 2020, Vienna is hosting QONFEST, a joint congress of the most important international scientific conferences and workshops on the topic of concurrency theory and its applications, timed systems, semantics, logics, and verification techniques. The organizers of CONCUR (31st International Conference on Concurrency Theory), QEST (17th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems), FORMATS (18th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems) and FMICS (25th International Conference on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems) have managed to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia who all seek to solve the primary demand of the users of technology: placing a high level of trust in the operation of the systems – whereas trust is a combination of many characteristics, mainly reliability, safety, security, privacy, and usability.”

Source: Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien

QONFEST 2020 Website